Andy Hansen is a proven business leader who is also an effective speaker—not just a speaker who knows something about business!

He has trained over 250,000 professionals in Direct Sales during his career and spoken at over 300 seminars and conventions, sharing his unique view on life, teachings, business experience and wisdom. 



Andy offers a fresh set of eyes for you and your business enabling you to see your business and the future in a new light with renewed optimism and energy. Working together with Andy you will develop innovative strategies that will help you and your company to increase your sales, reduce your overheads and increase your profitability. 


Being in business  is harder than its ever  been before, that's why training your team is vital for success. Andy not only shows people what to do but also, teaches them how to think. If you want a true professional who offers consistent excellence, has a global outlook, and who approaches learning from an integrated perspective, then book Andy.


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