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Being in business  is harder than its ever  been before, that's why training your team is vital for success. Andy not only shows people what to do but also, teaches them how to think.

If you want a true professional who offers consistent excellence, has a global outlook, and who approaches learning from an integrated perspective, then book Andy.

(Below is a small sample of project training subjects)

PROJECT 1 - Basic Selling Skills

Super Sales people are not born... they are trained how to sell and work everyday to improve their skill sets. Basic Selling Skills takes delegates through the fundamentals of selling and teaches how and why people buy. This is an excellent starting point for anyone starting in direct sales.


For more information contact Andy (click here)

PROJECT 2 - Goal Setting For Success

Effective Goal Setting is the cornerstone to success for any company. Likewise the ability of its team members to set personal and business goals has a direct impact on the success of the company. In this training Andy sells attendees on setting goals and offers practical advise on how to do so.

For more information contact Andy (click here)

PROJECT 3 - 15 Steps to a Healthy Self Image


Success of any individual or company is dependent on the self image the team members have about themselves. In this training project, Andy explores why people think the way they do about themselves and offers 15 steps to help create a lasting healthy self image. 

For more information contact Andy (click here)

PROJECT 4 - Time Management Success

Learning how to manage your time and put it to the best use is vital in today's competitive marketplace.  Business Success and Time Management Success go hand in glove. Andy teaches you how to manage, allocate and respect your time in this though provoking project. 

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