The Time Is Now – The Company Is ASCIRA - The Person Is You

As with any business, timing is an important ingredient for your success. In the past 30 years of speaking and training for direct sales / network marketing companies, I can’t think of a better time to be building the ASCIRA business than right now. ASCIRA offers something different as it builds its Social Lifestyle Community across the globe.

If you’re like many of the entrepreneurs I mentor, I bet you love the ASCIRA products and really believe in the ASCIRA business opportunity.

I bet you love the personal growth that comes with building your business, as well as the positive impact you can have on people’s lives each and every day. I’m sure you’re inspired by the “success stories” of the top leaders in ASCIRA, and would love to create a similar kind of income and lifestyle for your family too.

And, if you’re like many of the team I work with, I bet there are also times you start to doubt yourself and sometimes even the business. Do you ever have those days when you wonder “Is all this hard work really going to pay off?” “When will things get easier?” “Can I really make the money I want to with ASCIRA” or “Am I just wasting my time chasing my dreams, plans and goals.”

If you’ve ever questioned your own “sanity” or seriously thought about quitting your business all together, the good news is…. you’re perfectly normal. Every top leader I’ve ever met has had these feelings at some point in their time in Network Marketing. Growing your business and going after your dreams takes a lot of courage, dedication and consistent hard work. Most people have plenty of doubts along the way (no matter what kind of business you’re building) that’s not an exclusive to Network Marketing.

Ask any successful leader in ASCIRA, and I bet he/she will admit to thoughts of throwing in the towel on more than one occasion. That said, I want to assure you of something. No matter how tough things get, or how many doubts you might have, you must never give up. Why? Because this is the without doubt the best ever time to be building a network marketing business.

“Stay In The Game… Its Always Too Soon To Quit.” Van Crouch

There are 4 very important things that are happening right now across the world which are converging to make the ASCIRA business opportunity very attractive to hundreds of millions of people. The bottom line, you are sitting right in the middle of a “perfect storm,” that is positioning YOU & ASCIRA for some tremendous growth in the next few years. Here’s why:

1. Big Challenges in the Economy

Although the global economy has improved since the crash of 2008, there are still plenty of people who are concerned about being laid off or their overall financial security. Many people are still wary of the stock markets, and not expecting much growth with property investments any time soon.

This is all good news for ASCIRA and you. Perhaps the greatest gift people have experienced through the challenges of the last few years is the realisation that we can’t rely on “traditional ways” to make money, or trust in others to take care of our financial security or retirement.

Having a “Plan B” isn’t just a nice idea or buzz phrase, it’s a total necessity. There’s a big wake-up call happening across the globe which is inspiring many more corporate executives and working professionals to look at less traditional ways to generate additional income, including network marketing. This trend is going to continue, as the reputation and credibility of the network marketing profession continues to be elevated around the world.

2. Advancements In Technology

The rapid growth of the internet, smart phones, social media and Apps like WhatsApp has literally blown the doors off the network marketing profession. Its now so much easier for you to generate leads, take care of customers and build a large team virtually anywhere in the world from day one.

Unlike the “good old days” when the start-up costs for new distributors were much higher and signing up with a company generally meant filling up your garage with products, technology has changed everything.

Now you can start your own business, from home for a few hundred dollars, hold no stock and can build a team from home all around the world.

Today, it’s easier than ever before to service your team members and customers with a few clicks of your mouse or a tap on an App on your smart phone. With a little strategy and know how, you can use these technology tools to find hundreds of super qualified leads for your ASCIRA business.

This new “streamlined, hyper leveraged” way of building a business is now attracting new people into the profession…. people who previously weren’t that interested in network marketing are now paying attention and getting involved.

Experts now predict that this “technology revolution” will make network marketing a “household word” and TENS of MILLIONS of people will be getting involved in companies just like ASCIRA in the next 5 years. Obviously, this is fantastic news for you and your ASCIRA business and the most important reason to be in network marketing/ASCIRA right now.

3. More People Than Ever are Leaving the Corporate World to Start Businesses from Home

Fed up with the stress, long hours, low pay and corporate politics, people are leaving the traditional job market in their droves and starting businesses from home.

63% of people aged over 20 want to start their own business

60% of people who start their own businesses are between the ages of 40 and 60.

Many of these people are seeing the potential in network marketing and direct sales, jumping in with both feet and doing tremendously well. Over the past 30 years, I’ve had the opportunity to meet ex-corporate professionals like this and I’m constantly amazed and inspired to see how well they do in this profession. Many of them have quickly replaced their previous incomes, developed large international and now have the kind of lifestyle and freedom that just isn’t possible when working in a traditional job. In recent years there has been a shift in the mindsets of these top performers, many are joining network marketing, not just because of the money or lifestyle they can create, but because of the ways they can help people by literally transforming their lives through the products, the business opportunity, and even by diverting some of the money into charitable causes.

“You can have everything you want in life, so long as you help enough other people get what they want.” Zig Ziglar

Bottom line… there are plenty of savvy, professional people out there who desperately need new options and your ASCIRA business fits the bill in so many ways. You’re smart enough to recruit these guys and gals into your business… all you have to do is find these people, make a connection, build a relationship and share more about the ASCIRA opportunity.

With more exposure and a little education, many more people, in fact tens of millions of people I predict in the coming years will recognise the ASCIRA opportunity is the ultimate solution they’re looking for.

4. The COVID-19 Virus is making people rethink their life choices

Pretty much every country in the world is currently under some form of isolation measures to protect people from the virus. In my case here in the UK we have been under lockdown with social distancing in place for over 7 weeks. These measures are making people rethink their life choices and, in many cases, people are deciding to change things and they won’t be going back to how things were before.

For many that have been forced to work from home they have experienced for the first time in their lives a new found freedom of being able to work and play when they like, not sticking to normal 9-5 work hours.

Many are enjoying a newfound freedom that enables them to spend more time with their partners and children.

Sadly, for some (over 3 million in the UK) they have learned that there is no such thing as job security as they have lost their jobs. Many now face an uncertain financial future and are investigating new ways of developing an income that they can control.

With your ASCIRA business you can reach out and help so many people who are looking for ways to create and develop a new income that they can control.

Final thoughts…

As we work together as a team (yes I said TEAM as I’m proud to be a Founding Club Member of ASCIRA) over the coming weeks, months, and years we should all be focused on helping as many people as we can to start, develop and maintain a profitable ASCIRA business. The ASCIRA business that empowers people from all walks of life, with different educational back grounds, and different cultures to break free from old fashioned, out of date and largely irrelevant systems.

Beyond A Billion is not just a tag line, it’s a target, its our collective goal. We have for the first time in history the “Perfect Storm” to make this worthy ambition a reality.

The Time Is Now

The Company Is ASCIRA

The Person Is You

10 Reasons why ASCIRA is the right business for you!

  1. Worldclass Leadership from Founder & CEO John Sachtouras

  2. Millions invested in the setup and infrastructure

  3. Clear vision & roadmap for the future

  4. Debt Free Company

  5. Digital/Virtual/Physical Products

  6. Innovative Multiple Incomes Compensation Plan

  7. Luxury Trips

  8. Unique Global opportunity

  9. Perfect timing

  10. Future Proof

For more information about ASCIRA and its Social Lifestyle Community contact Andy

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