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Direct Sales As A Business Model!

There are many avenues for going to market as an entrepreneur or an organization, including a few you may have dismissed.

Direct selling is a case in point.

When you bring up direct selling, the majority of people roll their eyes or start laughing, envisioning party plans, early morning phone calls, social media connections purely for the sake of selling and pressure to friends, family and “anyone who can fog a mirror” to enroll.

But before you dismiss the idea entirely, consider these facts as your impression may be wrong.

Direct selling, according to a number of experts, is the fastest growing industry in the world, producing about $189.6 billion in 2017.

So think about your own future and or company and the nature of your products and services you could or do offer. Could you generate additional revenue with an affiliate program or a direct selling model of some kind? Of course the answer is YES.

Also think about the products you like and use on a regular basis. If you’re like me, there are at least a few you obtain through a direct selling model, whether you are interested in becoming an affiliate of the program or not.

Going Global in Direct Sales.

Expansion into any foreign region requires a full investment into the people, the culture and the systems they prefer, says Dan Andersson Founder & CEO of LEO

"Its all about the members" comments Dan

LEO is an excellet example of a Global Business (now 8 years old) that started its business in the UK offering Education for Entrepreneurs and now operates in over 190 countires around the globe.

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