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TEN Top Tips For Retail Sales People!

Following a UK Tour with Sally's (The Beauty Company), I wanted to share TEN top tips for becoming a Top Retail Salesperson... Selling today in the retail business is an art... successful sales professionals follow simple but effective rules that ensure they are always at the top of their game.

Follow these Top TEN Tips for 30 days and see for yourself.... the results will be amazing.

1. Are able to relate to people easily. They can build rapport very quickly; understanding people are different and each type requires appropriate approach and conversation. 2. Let the customer talk most of the time (preferably 80% of the time) by asking open ended questions to discover the needs and requirements of the customer. 3. Can recognise and relate to the objections and do not get defensive when handling objections. 4. Are able to identify and prioritize the requirements of the customer; and not just the apparent ones but possible hidden needs like status and prestige. 5. Know their products or services inside out and are able to find a good match between customer requirements and what the product and/or service can deliver. 6. Talk about benefits rather than features. They are able to express benefits in a simple yet effective and relevant fashion. 7. Always look for ways to improve their skills and knowledge. They attend seminars, read books and listen to tapes and CD’s to discover new ways of increasing their effectiveness and productivity. 8. Are determined to win. They clearly understand the definition of success in their environment and the rewards that are attached to attaining it. They like to talk about their major achievements and look forward to doing even better. 9. Are self confident and generally happy people. They don’t necessarily show their burning desire to win to the outside world. 10. Like to help others when they can afford the time, however they also clearly understand that time is the most important resource they have and the only one that can not be recovered. Have any questions? Feel free to email me at

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